About us


Bank Open Time is a trading style of Working Times Limited – Company Registration Number: 10522235; Registered Office: 14 Harelands Courtyard Offices, Melsonby, Richmond, England, DL10 5NY. Our company mission is to provide consumers with fast and easy online access to the working hours and location of key businesses operating throughout multiple industries.

Bank Open Time is the ultimate directory that allows you to search for the opening times of any bank across UK.

There are thousands of bank branches in the UK. It might seem that finding opening hours, address and telephone number for your local bank branch is an easy task, but can turn out to be a grueling, time consuming experience.

Your time is precious; you don’t want to waste it on digging through endless bank web pages to find something that should be available to you at the blink of an eye.

Bank Open Time will take care of it – in seconds!

All you have to do is select your bank and choose your city. You will be presented with all nearby branches with the most up to date information and so you don’t get lost, we will guide you with our fully integrated map.

Bank Open Time is always here for you; whether you are on your computer or on your mobile device – we always got your back!